Blogging; The Word I Fear

All semester I have been thinking about what I should write my blog post about. As I began to think about writing, I became scared of writing a post. My hands became sweaty, I became nervous. My head begins to fill up with thoughts. Will my post make sense? Is my comma in the right spot? Is that the word I want to use? Will people like what I’m saying? I’ve thought about writing so many things but have shot them all down sooner than I could really form ideas about what to say. I am so scared of writing on the internet that while I do have Facebook, I have yet to make a Facebook status. Facebook posting comes with fear as well, many of the similar fears that came up when I began to think about blogging.  

The fear to write a blog is something I struggle with. Why would writing something make me so scared and paranoid. I write all the time for my classes. The thing that makes this so different is I cannot control who sees it. Writing isn’t something I find easy. Writing is my weakest subject, I am very insecure about my writing. The idea of taking something I am insecure about and publishing it for all to see is terrifying.

So here I am making my first blog post. Did I overcome my fear? Not really; but I had no choice, I either make the post or lose points. I did however; become slightly more okay with the idea of posting. Before I made my post, I spent some time on google learning about blogging and reading about others who have the same fear I have. A lot of websites talk about blogging about subjects you are confident on or know a lot about. What better thing to write my post about than something I know so much about; the fear of blogging.

The fear of blogging is very real and many people struggle with it, it is something that will take time to fully conquer. Taking the leap and going out and finally making a post is my first step at overcoming my fear. Over time, I may be a confident blogger, but time will only tell us if I will be a confident bloggerblog

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