Why Take Notes?

Recently in my college course over literacy we went over our chapter about note taking. As our classed had a focused and engaging discussion many points were made about note taking and why we should or shouldn’t take notes, as well as, what do we do with these notes? Points were made first about if anyone taught us in our early education on how to take notes. Some said yes, that a teacher they had in high school had a lesson over note taking and some just plain said no or they couldn’t remember.

Another point that was made that sparked a lot of discussion is what do we do with these notes after recording them? Some use their notes to refer back to them as a reference when preparing for exams. Some admitted to not even taking notes as they absorb more information being involved with the lecture or listening to what the teacher is explaining. Its interesting also when we started discussing how we all take notes and what style we use to do some. We had a variety of answers as some color coordinated their notes, used different types of bulletins, and also would indent smaller ideas of a larger header when writing their notes.

As the classroom is full of future teachers we turned the tables a little and started discussing if we would make our students take notes. Some believed you shouldn’t make students take notes and if students do want to take notes they would do so in their own ways. Some believed if they asked students to take notes or mentioned that the information delivered in the lesson(s) is valuable and the same information will be covered on tests, students would start writing things down. Now were at the point to where students are taking notes, what do we do to ensure students double back and reread their notes and not just do so prior to and test. One of the ideas shared was having the notes from the prior day or lesson be apart of an anticipatory set when starting on the topic again.

Overall, I guess a question as teachers, future teachers, and even as a student we should personally ask ourselves is why take notes?



One thought on “Why Take Notes?

  1. JSchmid450 December 2, 2016 / 12:12 am

    I think you did a great breakdown of what we went over in class. As a person who believes that taking notes is a little outdated it was nice to get a back and forth with soon-to-be teachers that believe taking notes is essential in learning. It is important to remember that all students learn differently and even though one student may be able to learn while not taking notes, it may be essential to another to do so.


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