Growth Mindset: Putting it All Together!

Previously, I have blogged about the four Class Dojo Growth Mindset videos we have been watching. I have been implementing this Mindset Wednesday  with these videos and twitter chats. This has allowed us to have these conversations which broaden my students’ mindset. Having the discussion together every Wednesday is important to continue and connect the ideas. Yet, something that has made it stick even more, is the Class Dojo videos that have allowed us to organize the ideas and our Twitter Chat with Miss Griep’s class which allowed us to get into a deep and authentic discussion.

Before watching the final episode, we reviewed the past big ideas. So far, Mojo has learned how his brain is like a muscle, the power of YET when saying “I can’t,” how he can learn from his mistakes, and how neurons connect in the brain when you learn something new. Then I introduced that in this last video we follow Mojo as he finally proves that his mindset has officially changed when it comes to facing challenges. At first Mojo wanted to give up when he made a mistake or thought he could not face a difficult challenge. In this video, he realizes that facing challenges can be frustrating and scary at times, but in the end it makes us a better and stronger learner!

Check out the episode here!

Our twitter chat begins before our video starts. Miss Griep and I both have a discussion question that we pick from the discussion guide that is given with each Class Dojo video! We have this question planned to ask each other’s classes. We tweet out this question to get the conversation (#bgchat) started. This last session, I showed the question before so that we could think about the question while watching the video.


During the video, I usually allow students to watch it the whole way through. This episode, I thought it was important to stop it at an important part and reflect on how Mojo was changing. After watching the video, students shared their initial reactions. Students reflected on how Mojo has completed changed from the beginning of the series to the end. Now he feels that he can face any challenge. Mojo initially went home and pouted when he was not successful in accomplishing a very high goal (creating a space ship). Students were able to see that this goal was very high, which is good sometimes, but not very realistic. When Mojo wakes up the next day he is so happy. How did he change? He realized that he had nothing to be sad about because he was just learning from mistakes and there was so many opportunities available to him in the future! Mojo was frustrated, but then decided that he couldn’t be successful YET! We also talked about how we feel when something is too challenging. We feel sad, frustrated, mad, scared, just like Mojo did. We reflected that these feelings are OK and normal, but it is how we react to them that is so important. These ideas that were shared were very successful, but then through our twitter chat, we organized our thoughts into responses that we could give to Miss Griep’s class. This allows us to tie all of our thoughts together.


Since our twitter chat is on this public digital platform, it even allows other tweeters to get in on the conversation (thanks Jeff!!). Through this final video and discussion, I felt that the students were finally putting all our big ideas together and understanding how having a growth mindset will allow us to be successful in all that we do.


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