Digital Curation Review

I have been using Pinterest for several years now. I mainly use Pinterest for my personal life: home decorating ideas, recipes I want to try, quotes that inspire me, and clothing styles that I like. (I’m secretly upset that Pinterest wasn’t around when I got married!) I challenged myself to create a board for Parent Resources that my parents could use at home. (This board includes: games to play in math and reading, questions to ask after reading a story, reasons why it is important to read to children, etc.) Many of my parents have used the board and are very appreciative of the resources. Recently, my graduate class discussed how we could use digital curation tools in our classroom as a tool to teach, not to just gather things and never use them. After our discussion, we were challenged to explore other curation tools and review them. 

Likes: This tool is basically setup like Pinterest, which I like because I am already use to how it is organized. There are “clips” and “boards”. You use clips to create a board. I noticed there are many teacher resources included on this site.
Dislikes: As with anything, some boards are better than others. Some topics are not represented. (I searched holiday traditions and got tons of things that were not associated with  “holiday traditions”.)
How I would use it: This tool seems like it would be easier for elementary students to use. Students can use this to “clip” a topic to their board and then use the board to write a narrative story.

Likes: This site is a digital notebook. I like how you can just write a “note” and not have to include a picture. It is user friendly and includes directions. It seems like it would be easy for students to manipulate.
Dislikes: Evernote has an upgraded version with more specifications, but it is expensive. This is a turnoff for me, especially when I can use a similar tool for free.
How I would use it: This tool would be helpful for teachers when lesson planning. Teachers could start with a big unit and then break it down into lessons. Students could use this source to collect ideas about various topics. Then, they could use the posts and write a narrative, opinion, or informational piece and include it in their notebook.

Likes: This is also like Pinterest and Evernote. You can add connections and collaborators to a collection. Pearltrees is set up in a grid-like format, which makes it easy to follow.
Dislikes: It does seem to be less user friendly than Evernote and Pinterest.
How I would use it: Have students collaborate on a topic, such as 13 colonies, and use this tool as a place for them to gather their information. Then, students could present their Pearltrees to the class as a “virtual field trip” of each of the 13 colonies.

Likes: Flipboard calls itself “your personal magazine”. There are many articles on various topics. My favorite sections are celebrity gossip and home decorating.
Dislikes: Many of the topics of the articles on Flipboard are not suitable for my first grade students. They are found from many different sources which may or may not be credible.
How I would use it: I don’t think this tool is appropriate for elementary students, however, I would recommend it to my secondary colleagues. This would be a resource that I would use in my personal life.

Are you curating ideas? How are you incorporating digital curation within your classroom?



2 thoughts on “Digital Curation Review

  1. susanedu450 November 19, 2016 / 12:25 pm

    I have this project that I am doing for one of my classes that I am taking and I feel that one of these would be a good one to implement this project digitally rather then carrying a binder full of possible projects that we would want to do with our future students. I will have to look more fully into one of those later as I have too much on my plate at the moment. 🙂 So thanks for the share of ideas to incorporate ideas into a digital format.


  2. brennalche November 30, 2016 / 6:00 pm

    I have been exposed to some of tools mentioned above in my technology in education course, but have forgotten about them. It is very helpful to see your likes, dislikes and how it is used. It is nice to see how you would use it. It gives me some ideas. Thank you for the post.


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