Channeling the Power of P2LN

Tweeting for 2 months challenged me to understand that “. . . position [myself]s to be able to learn: what [I] need to know, when [I] choose to learn it, and how [I] go about gaining the learning [I] need to grow continuously” (Whitaker & Casas 33). What I am hoping to do moving forward is to trim and cut the rough edges of my personal and professional interests to shape my Tweeter identity so that I can fly higher. Below are the top 5 experiences I gained from Tweeting.

  • attend “unconference” EdCamp held at Davis Drive Middle School, Cary and gained 10 followers who are interested in gaming
  • develop stronger interests in digital platforms and how to use them
  • join @participatelrn to do professional development with other professionals and parents interested in gifted education
  • have school parents follow me (somewhat underdeveloped* I discussed it below.)
  • cultivate positivity and encourage my colleagues

There is still a lot to be done, I feel like. Below is something that happened last week and thought about how I can further develop my online networking platforms besides Tweeting.

A parent whose child is in 6th grade came to see me at 4:30 pm. It was Friday. F-R-I-D-A-Y. I know I should have said no or redirected her by writing my formal to go-and-check-the-district-website email. While I was writing my email to the parent wanting to know why her child didn’t have the label of “Highly Gifted” status, I did the best I could to explain why. But. She still wanted to come to “talk to me about her child”. I pulled the child’s writing samples from Google Classroom her teachers shared with me, jotted down some key characteristics about the child, and was ready to take on whatever the parent wanted to discuss. Based on our conversation, the conference wasn’t about her child’s gifted status, I realized. It really wasn’t about herself. She just wanted to come to see how competent I was to be her child’s Gifted Specialist.

After the conference, I asked her. Did I answer your questions? I am not sure if I did. Just wondering. She told me yes, grinned, and shook hands with me. As I walked her out, I told her that she could get in touch with me via Twitter @mrsbennahaas and that I was in the process of developing my blog to house all the resources necessary for the imgres.jpgparents. What I also realized was that a lot of parents who already know that necessary paper work (it’s usually the nomination process and gifted service provision) is online, they like to hear back from the teachers in narrative format. They want the paper work (here in this case is the screening process for gifted children) to be personalized for their children.

Here are the 3 ways I am going to channel the power of P2LN:

  • sandpaper down/shave out some unnecessary contents and mold my professional interests on Twitter
  • develop a blog that would house necessary resources for parents (but make it personal enough so that they enjoy reading what I think (I started on it two months ago, but it’s still a private mode),
  • monitor and sell myself  (it automatically processes my social media interests and house them together)



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