Expanding My PLN

Before I started the Explorations in Literacy class I had no idea the countless possibilities that Twitter could give to me. Yes, I had a class Twitter account but I was not using it to its fullest potential. I would post pictures about what I was doing in my classroom but the only people that followed me were some of my class parents, my principal, and my fellow colleagues. I was narrow minded and thought that this was okay. I was content with sharing what I was doing in my classroom to my local community.

As I started my journey to expand my PLN I found that there was so much that Twitter could offer. I started to follow fellow teachers across the country that I found interesting. I was seeing what they were doing in their classroom and I was reading blog posts that other teachers were writing. I was inundated with information and felt refreshed to see that there was another outlet I could use to get educational resources. I also felt motivated to find authors and other education natives on Twitter that I had heard about at various conferences.

One specific Twitter experience that really stands out to me from this semester was when I actually reached out to a fellow educator on Twitter. Over the summer I attended a Google conference where I heard Kevin Brookhouser speak. His speech was so motivating that I bought his book (The 20time Project) and decided to start the 20 percent project in my own classroom. Another classmate of mine suggested that I reach out to him and tell him what I was doing in my classroom with the 20 percent project. At first this sounded crazy to me but I decided to give it a try. I privately messaged Brookhouser on Twitter and he actually responded! He said he would love to hear how the 20 percent project was going in my own classroom. I sent him my first blog post I had written about my journey through this project and then to my surprise he TWEETED it! He actually tweeted my blog post and then followed me. I was in shock and pleasantly surprised. Maybe this Twitter thing wasn’t so bad after all.screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-12-02-am

Another Twitter experience that also opened my eyes was when I shared something I was doing with Seesaw. My students had been learning about text features and I had created a Seesaw scavenger hunt in which students had to upload the features they found to Seesaw. I tweeted this idea out and had a huge response back. Teachers were asking me to share the resource and the tweet was tagged, liked, and retweeted more than any other tweet I had ever written! I could not believe that something I shared and had made had grabbed the interest of other teachers.screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-21-am

Throughout this journey I have come to realize the importance of Twitter for educators. It has changed the way I look at Twitter. I now see Twitter as a resource to share, collaborate, and meet others. I plan on continuing my journey with Twitter and am excited to see the other possibilities it can open for me!


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