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As I have made my way to two different schools for my placement, I have been thinking about the word “Literacy”. So I have been looking for things as I sat in my first 3 hours of placement of how others implement it into their subjects. Of course, I have added in my own ideas to make it more appealing. 🙂

So my first setting was in a middle school for two hours. As the teacher was talking about her “new project” for her students. The thoughts in my own head was spinning with ideas of how to fit literacy in my lessons for my students.  The grade level that this idea would appeal to is that of mid tier and up to 12th grade. She was talking about one of the time periods which for me made me think to understand art literacy is for them to study one individual artist for the time period that we are to be studying. Which they can do this at home or at the library as it will have only a few questions relating to said artist that the teacher picked. Then they are to picked out three of their works that they like and why. Then they are to do up there own project using the style of said artist.  They will later share all of this with their class from their write ups, to their three works of art and then their own project that features what they learn from their artist.

My second setting was in an elementary art classroom. While the children were working on their projects that teacher read a book to them and then after that she asked them “what was the importance of this book?”  The book and their projects were related to each other as she was was teaching emotions, color and how they relate to each other and how they can effect the meaning of one’s project. Their project that they were working on was one that was related to themselves and/ or their families. I think she did a great job to implement literacy in her lessons to her 4th graders.


6 thoughts on “Literacy & Art

  1. thomasunc October 1, 2016 / 8:39 pm

    I love literacy and art integrated topics. There are so many possibilities. Both of your examples spark ideas and memories.

    A friend teaches art, she integrates literacy into her class. At first they study pieces. They talk about color, texture, shape, as well as images and stories. After the kids get used to talking she has them write about a piece of art for 5-10 minutes. She says they always moan at first, but get better over time.

    In my classroom, I read a dynamic picture book to the class. Next I ask them to represent the main idea of the book through a piece of art. (This is really hard the first few times. They always want to retell the story) When the art is finished, I have students share in small groups or do a museum walk.

    Here is a good article that expands on some of ideas I mentioned.
    Good luck.

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    • susanedu450 October 1, 2016 / 8:54 pm

      Thanks 🙂 and I will check out the link you posted. That is awesome what your friend does for her students 🙂


  2. tschmidt3 October 3, 2016 / 12:17 am

    Hi there! I love the idea of integrating art and literacy – two worlds that are deeply intertwined yet constantly defined as seemingly separate. I am lucky to be working at a school that strongly emphasizes the blending of subject areas in projects, and even though I am a science teacher seeking a degree in literacy, I find this to be deeply authentic for students.

    This quarter we have been working very hard on tackling our big questions about refugees and human migration throughout history and in the present. In science we have studied the basics of forces and motion (i.e. inertia, friction, gravity, Newton’s Laws, etc.) and at the same time been researching and interviewing to find stories of refugees and immigrants in the present day. To integrate Science + Literacy + Art, we are making giant kinetic art pieces that tell the story of the immigrant/refugee with whom they most deeply connect, and they are using poetry, project building skills, research, interviews, and write ups to tell the stories of human migration and forces/motion in the natural universe, all within a moving art piece. It is difficult, but deeply worthwhile!

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    • susanedu450 October 5, 2016 / 6:27 pm

      Thanks for sharing. That sounds wonderful project to pursue with with your students. If you can, post some pics of the project 🙂 as I would like to see how it looks. Thanks again.


    • susanedu450 October 19, 2016 / 8:59 pm

      Thanks for sharing the link. That was beautiful.


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