Can you tweet that?

This year my school district has been promoting the use of Twitter. Our school has encouraged classrooms to sign up for a class twitter and tweet out the activities that are happening each day. The activities are then retweeted to our school website for parents to see what is happening in the classrooms. I think that it is a great way to communicate with our families but I want to use Twitter as a more authentic activity for my students.

This year my new position has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of grade levels. I am a First Grade Academic Support Teacher, but for one block of the day I teach a Geometric Design elective to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Teaching the variety of ages and academic levels has made me think about different ways to  engage with Twitter.

Here are some examples that gave me inspiration for the implementation of the Social Networking Plan in my classroom.

Research Diary  and Short but Sweet

My Social Networking plan is going to include two different parts. These will be differentiated based on the age group of my students. All students will be using the same twitter name @MrsLittle21 but different hashtags based on the class.

First Grade (I will work with the same small group throughout the year and then flex group other students)

  • Social Networking Plan:
    • The students will be working on first grade curriculum activities to either intervene or enrich. Each week there will be activities based on the social studies or science topic. The plan will be for the students to use twitter to discuss what they are learning during the week.  
  • How it will be implemented:
    • This plan will be implemented throughout the week. The students will learn how to write predictions or questions about the weekly topic. We will work on writing the tweet together. Students will work in groups or pairs to write the tweet and then as a group we will decide what to post. At the end of the week, we will either answer our questions or write about what we learned. If we have another group following our class, we might be able to engage in a conversation about the topic.  
  • Who will participate:
    • All students will participate either individually, as a pair or as a group. We will make a decision as a whole group when posting the tweet.  
  • Hashtag:
    • #bookintomath
    • Other hashtags that are based on the topic

Upper Grades (I will change electives each quarter as well as elective topics, but the format for the social networking will be the same)

  • Social Networking Plan:
    • The students are working on a quarter long elective about Geometric Design. We have started learning about famous mathematicians as well as researching math careers. The students have chosen a topic and have started the researching. They will be creating a Discovery Education Board Builder
      Discovery Education:


      to present their research. After we have finished the research, we will learn how to write a 140 tweet to show what they have learned. This model will be repeated throughout the quarter.

  • How it will be implemented:
    • We will be researching and problem solving and the students will engage in conversations using both questions and answers. We have practiced a twitter chat in the classroom using Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. and answering the questions using A1, A2, A3, etc.. The students will also be presenting what they have learned throughout the quarter.
  • Who will participate:
    • All students in the elective will participate. We will all use the same hashtag, but students will ask and answer questions and include new hashtags for the activities.
  • Hashtag:
    • #geodesignchat
    • Student groups will come up with new hashtags that relate to the research or conversations
    • Students will create new hashtags based on the topic and conversations

Both of these plans will give students the opportunity to be engaged in authentic tasks, create cohesive sentences as well as communicate with an authentic audience. I am going to be communicating with the parents of the students and using social media to make more connections. Since this is the first time that I am implementing twitter as a communication tool to showcase students thoughts compared to showcasing pictures of work, I am sure that there will need to be some tweaking. If you have any words of wisdom or ideas that might work well, please let me know!

How are you using Social Media in your classrooms?


2 thoughts on “Can you tweet that?

  1. leighahall September 23, 2016 / 2:11 pm

    I think this looks great! You’ve got a plan of action that is structured just enough and allows for flexibility. I’m looking forward to hearing what happens.


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